Episode 4: We’re going FB official

It was a DJ Grim and Jericho bro fest on the show today…I kid. On this episode, we talk about “third-wheeling” or as Grim likes to put it, the one man uni-cycle, while Jericho is on the other side of third-wheeling. Shout out to all the friend couples who include their single friends! We also discuss meeting friend’s significant others and whether or not that affects friendships if friends do not like them. Later on, we discuss about whether or not going FB official is a good or bad thing. We share our personal stories (aka mine) about our (my) awkward breakups that involve FB statuses. Furthermore, grand gestures. To do them or not to do them? Is it important for people to ask to be girlfriend/boyfriend in a big way or should it be more subtle? And lastly, people aren’t always the people we think they are, so how do we figure them out? Check out the latest episode on the Soundcloud and tune in to next week’s show!


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