Episode 5: When 2 Psych majors analyze relationships…

In this episode, our special guest Tony, helps me analyze new relationships. We continue from last week’s discussion on whether or not taking a trip too early on in the relationship could actually hurt it. What makes this conversation interesting, is we get a psychology major’s point of view. We also discuss rebounding, jumping from one relationship to the next, and building on yourself.

This was a particularly important conversation to me because relationships are not supposed to define a person; it is supposed to help build the person’s character and add to it. A relationship is between two people and therefore two individual characters must work together to make something more. One takeaway from this week’s topic is to know yourself. Take the time to discover yourself. After you’ve done so, it is important to strive to find someone who compliments you and helps you grow; not someone who you can mold yourself to.

Lastly, we talk about LDR: long distance relationships. Can it work? Let me know what you think by commenting below!



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