Episode 6: All the single ladies!

Where my single ladies at?? This week, I invited Christina, an inspiring young lady, and we discuss what it takes to be strong and independent. It’s nice being in a relationship with someone…but it’s even nicer when you know how to be in a relationship with yourself! Learn to love being with yourself and appreciate time on your own. But then here’s this conundrum: why is it taboo for a person to be content with being single? It seems we tend to look at people weird if they haven’t dated someone in a while or we feel bad for them if they are alone. Well here’s some food for thought: what if the person just likes being on their own? Or they’re in a time in their lives where they want to be single and enjoy their independence? Any who, moving on…

So if a stranger talks to you…stranger danger? Is there a difference in how we talk to people IRL (in real life) versus how we talk to people online? Nowadays, our interactions tend to be restricted to online and meeting new people seem to be a rare occasion. We also bring back the topic of dating apps and Christina enlightens us about the term, “meet qute,” meaning the initial meeting between two people in a very “cute” way. For example, meeting in a coffee shop by chance, reading the same book, or your hands accidentally touching, you get the point.

And lastly, we talk communication and how we communicate that we are just not feeling this other person. Christina tells a cautionary tale of a date gone wrong and what happens when you are unable to tell a someone you just don’t feel the same. Check out the most recent episode on the show’s Soundcloud!



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