Episode 10: Do you boo boo

On this week’s episode, we bring on three special guests: Ash, Sally, and Katie. We discuss topics such as types/preferences, dating someone similar to you versus someone different from you, and how to be confident in yourself and how that will translate over to finding someone who is attracted to the best version of you. Ash gives us a lot of insight from his own personal experience and his journey to finding who he is and how that has helped him discover what qualities he is looking for in a partner.

He details two types of attractions: natural type versus what looks good to society. Natural type is someone who you just know that you are attracted to. While on the other hand, dating someone for status is someone who you think you’re attracted to because it will look good in society. Therefore you do not know if you really are attracted to them or are you only attracted to them because of how you two look together. We discuss the differences between the two and Ash shares with us how he navigated through these complexes.

It’s really important to not lose yourself especially when you are in a relationship. It is also important to give yourself time to grow and develop into the person who you want to be and finding someone who compliments you, not molds themselves to you or vice versa. Being in your natural element, being confident in what you are doing and just doing you, will display your natural self which in turn will draw in someone who appreciates that.

Check out the Soundcloud for the most recent episode and be sure to tune in every Tuesday from 4-5p on 88.9 fm or stream online at kuci.org!



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