Episode 9: What it takes to make or break a relationship

What does it take to make a relationship work? In our discussion this week, Annette and DJ Grim come on to the show to talk about what they think is a strong relationship. Communication is a biggie for relationships whether or not we like to do it. Annette shares her story about her relationship for 4+ years and how she made it work even if it failed the first time. On the other hand, DJ Grim comes in with the difficulties of communication in a relationship and why it is hard to compromise sometimes.

With every relationship, it takes a lot of work and is definitely no walk in the park. In Annette’s story, even though they broke up the first time, they became friends afterwards and she felt she could be herself and more open and from there, they began another, stronger, relationship. Personalities and being open to letting someone in are important factors that brought these two together, as well as timing. If two people are in the right moment in their lives, it’ll also add to making a relationship work. Grim discusses his thoughts on five mile distance radius…

Jericho makes a guest appearance and gives us his formula for making a long distance relationship. Give the other person the attention and don’t forget them. Put in the effort to close the distance even though there is one. And always remember them. Skype dates, phone calls, daily messages, and you’ve got yourself a happy, long distance relationship ❤

Listen in to the most recent show via link above and feel free to comment, share, and add questions. I will try to address them in the next show! 🙂 And be sure to tune in next week from 4-5p!


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