Episode 11: Soulmates or nah?

In this episode, we talk soulmates and whether or not we believe in them. Miguel, Shay, and Katie give their insight and it looks like all of them are not believers. But for good reason.

Soulmates are defined as two people who are ideally suited for each other, aka the perfect match. But with such perfection, we come to wonder whether or not that’s even possible. Miguel and Shay share their scientific reasonings while Katie shares her intuition on this thought. I, myself, on the other hand try to vouch for the belief that it is possible to have a soulmate. It’s an interesting concept and even if two people are compatible, what makes a pair “soulmates” is the ability to not only be compatible but to work together and to be the best they can be for each other. I think that’s what makes two people really right for one another.

Give this episode a listen on the Soundcloud and share your thoughts in the comment section below! Do you believe in soulmates?


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