Episode 14: We need to talk

Ugh. That dreaded phrase. By dreaded I mean literally everyone hates saying and hearing this phrase. Cuz you know what follows after this. On this episode, my guest, Atravis, and I talk break ups and everything that goes into them.

So I have this theory: break ups possible correlate with the weather…kind of a weird thing to think about, right? But hear me out. Throughout my college career, I’ve seen break ups and experienced break ups. And I’ve noticed a general trend: people tend to get together either during the beginning of summer aka “summer flings” or they tend to get together around Fall/Autumn (what are seasons in SoCal lol). And people tend to break up either around Spring or right before Summer and at the end of Summer (buh bye fling). Yup, there’s my very scientific theory. And that is all.

Atravis talks about his first break up and we reminisce on his lost love. We discuss the process and liken it to Wong Fu Prod.’s video, “Strangers, again.” It’s a whole process and everyone experiences it one way or another. And it’s tough, we always go through the typical steps: 1. sadness 2. denial 3. anger 4. more sadness 5. endless doubt and wondering what you did wrong 6. intense pit of sadness and finally 7. acceptance. We all have our different ways of coping and how to deal with rejection but in the end, we all come out of it a stronger version of ourselves. I truly believe that all break ups happen for a reason, whether it be not the right timing or just incompatibility. But rather than focus on the negatives and replay every “perfect” moment in your head, try and understand that some things were just not meant to be. Then, hopefully, you learn from the relationship and grow as an individual. You really do learn a lot from the process and you know about yourself more.

I’m done ranting now. Stay strong loves ❤


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