Episode 16: Dat social media game doe

Honestly, while I love everything that is social media, it definitely has taken away from the element of excitement when meeting new people and not really knowing about them. We creep and we creep until we essentially know quite a bit about a person before even meeting them. While that’s not bad, it definitely limits in person social interaction.

I brought in Brett again to continue our chat on social media and dating and how we navigate the pros and cons of talking to people online versus IRL. So how do we differentiate a person between their in person persona versus their online persona? Also, a whole other thing is while we are meeting people through social media, how do we know if following a person or adding someone as a friend means that they really want to get to know you? Sometimes, we run into people who are more into the social status game and will try to gain as many followers/friends in order to boost their own status. And this can translate into who someone decides to date…. listen up on the Soundcloud and see what’s up.


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