Episode 17: Patience, young padawan

Approaching someone online is nerve-racking, but trying to form a friendship after the initial contact requires some work and some confidence. I bring in my guest, Brittany, onto the show to share her thoughts on making friends online, before meeting them.

Friendships are an important foundation of any relationship. Taking the time to get to know someone is essential and effort and time is required. Brittany describes her process of how she approaches friendships and how to read connections between people. Basing off of how she feels and whether or not there is still a connection, that is how she determines where she wants to take the relationship. It’s a long process, but she explains why she does what she does.

Furthermore, we discuss confidence. Having confidence in yourself is key and that translates into how you form relationships. Knowing what you want and what you don’t want allows you to be honest with yourself and people who you are getting to know. Don’t give in to social pressures or people who tell you what you want. Be true to yourself and go with you gut feeling.

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