Episode 19: Nice guys finish last? Nahh

Whoever coined the phrase, “Nice guys finish last,” had good intentions to summarize the “friend zone” complex, but this needs to be edited in today’s world.

Being in the friend zone implies that one person is more interested in another and the other person, does not see that person in a romantic way, therefore putting said person in the “friend zone.” Buttttttt…why does that sound so negative? It makes the person who does not return the same feelings, is now the bad person and is doing it on purpose. Why can’t we just accept the fact that this person is just not interested and leave it at that? As our guest, DJ Grim, says, you can’t force someone to like you back.

Being nice doesn’t mean that you always have good intentions. Being nice to someone just to get them to like you doesn’t automatically mean the person will like you back. Being GOOD to someone and treating them with respect, putting aside your interest in them, now that’s different. Being GOOD and being GENUINE, shines through way more than just being nice. Regardless if your feelings are reciprocated, accepting the other person’s feelings if they do not feel the same way doesn’t mean you failed, it just means either it isn’t the right timing or it just isn’t the right person. Call it what you want, but we all need to stop being “nice guys” and start being “good guys.”

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