Episode 23: Commitment issues

It’s always tough when you first start dating someone and you’re not too sure how they feel about you. You don’t want to appear too forward but you also don’t want to come off aloof. So how do we navigate around this forever confusing conundrum?

On this episode, Danielle and I discuss the ups and downs of starting a new relationship and how to handle someone who is not quite the “commitment” type. A lot of doubt and insecurities can easily come up in situations like these. I see two possible scenarios: You’re either afraid to tell the person how you really feel, in fear of them rejecting you, or you just are not sure how to approach the subject without bringing it to the not-so-fun “where are we headed” discussion.

There’s no right or wrong in these scenarios, but there are definitely different ways you can handle it. Some prefer to take the “go with the flow” route, letting things run it’s natural course. Others prefer to take the more direct route and bring up these matters from the get-go so both persons know upfront what they are getting into. Whatever you may choose, I think it’s always important to be honest with yourself and know what you want. After you figure out what you want, make sure you’re honest with the other person so they are aware as well. From there, hopefully the nature of the relationship can either blossom or you can part ways knowing you were true to yourself.

Check out the Soundcloud for the latest episode and be sure to listen in every Tuesday from 4-4:30 for more Where’s The Chase on 88.9 FM or stream online at http://www.kuci.org!


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