Episode 25: Drunk in love?

Can love be an addiction? Helen Fisher, a biological anthropologist, conducted a study on two groups of people who were either “in love” or had just gone through a break-up. And what she discovered was when people were thinking their loved ones, the same area of the brain that processes those thoughts is also the same area that processes the “high” feelings you get when on drugs.

Brett and I discuss her TED Talks  and discuss our thoughts on her discussion of human love on an instinctual level and how it affects the way we view romantic love. What was interesting to learn is, on a biological level, love is innate and who we are drawn to as potential mates can be seen through initial and instinctual reactions. Another aspect is the idea of being in an environment inducing rushes of adrenaline that can cause dopamine levels to rise and potentially romantic feelings for whoever you are with in those situations.

I highly recommend watching Helen Fisher’s TED Talks and to see what you think about her research as a way to explain love in a scientific nature. Be sure to check out the most recent episode of Where’s the Chase? on Soundcloud and be sure to listen in on Tuesdays from 4-4:30p at 88.9 FM or http://www.kuci.org!


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