Episode 29: Second chances

From the wise words of Kendrick Lamar, “I love myself.” This episode my guest, Jiahleen, and I discuss our thoughts on what we think about second chances and whether or not they should be given.

For Jiahleen, she has given many chances to someone who she realized too late, didn’t deserve them. It’s hard when you love someone so much and regardless of how much they hurt you, you don’t want to give up. Her case, her ex-boyfriend cheated on her and could never fully commit to her, yet she still gave him many chances to redeem himself. Her story is not at all uncommon and many can relate to this. However, what is the line where the last chance should be drawn?

We live in a generation where we are very self-centered (not in a bad way by any means) but we definitely focus on ourselves a lot. So if we already do that, why is it so hard for us to respect ourselves and know that we deserve better than someone who continuously disappoints us? Where we draw the line for second chances is, I believe, allowing someone to redeem themselves, but if they are unable to, then we must be brave enough to end the relationship to help not only ourselves, but to help both parties well-being. It does no good for us to be in a relationship where we’ve given another person too many tries to do better and it certainly doesn’t help a person who is given so many chances and therefore doesn’t necessarily see the need to improve. Love yourself enough to know that you deserve someone who is 100% into you.

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