Episode 30: Grow together, stay together

We learn a lot in our relationships, especially when we date someone during our more explorative years: college. This is the case for Aaron, who met Darlene, his girlfriend of three years, one fateful day during a try out for the dance group, Ascension.

Having met in their first year of college, they’ve definitely grown a lot. And what’s great about being with someone during these years, is you learn a lot about yourself and what you never knew you were capable of. For these two, they discovered they were not only studying the same major, but they both loved dance, food, and several other hobbies. Over the next few years, they were able to grow together as individuals and as a couple.

It’s great when you meet someone who pushes you to be the best you can and I think this is a key component you need in a partner to help you grow as an individual. Someone who wants to see the best version of you and who encourages you to go outside of your shell. This not only leads to a fruitful relationship but also a strong one. Never settle for someone who makes you feel like you can’t be the best version of you. Be with someone who makes you be an even better version of yourself.

Listen up to the latest episode on the Soundcloud and tune in every Tuesday to Where’s The Chase? from 4-4:30p on 88.9 FM or stream online at http://www.kuci.org.


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