Episode 31: Love is a two way street

Equality is something every relationship should strive for. But for equality to happen, both people need to be on the same page. Inspired by the women’s march that happened this past weekend, I wanted to highlight this topic and how we view it in terms of a relationship.

I brought on two guests, Hank and Jiahleen, to tackle this topic with me. Both of them are in their respective relationships, Hank of four going on five years with his girlfriend, and Jiahleen of three years with her boyfriend. Equality can be seen in many ways: paying for meals, planning dates/trips, or who’s place to hang out that day. One aspect that goes hand in hand with this is communication. Without communication, we would not know what the other person is thinking about and how the other person feels. We need to be honest and open in order to make it an open and equal relationship. No person should ever feel like they are being silenced. But just because you are talking, are you really talking? You need to make sure that even though you express your opinions, you should be constructive and make sure both parties can equally improve, not just one person. Hank points out that not only do you need to talk to each other, but you also need to listen to each other.

Equality is key for both men and women and we need to learn how to empathetic and compassionate to our partners. Check out the latest episode of Where’s The Chase? on Soundcloud and tune in Tuesdays from 4-4:30p on 88.9 fm or stream online at http://www.kuci.org.

Tune-spiration: Two Way Street by Kimbra



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