Episode 32: Try a little tenderness

Nobody says relationships are easy. People who have spent 2+ years with their significant others will know that there is so much more than just the good times.

On this episode, I brought on Bien to discuss his 4-year relationship (going on 5) with his girlfriend. It was an interesting start for the two, but it eventually worked out resulting them moving in together after 3 years and still stronger than ever. Even though they are five years apart (he is 5 years her senior), age has no limit. It used to be a taboo concept for people to date older or younger, or at least this kind of age difference would turn heads. But nowadays, it has become more accepted and as Bien puts it, the most important thing is  that both people connect with each other. We talk about living with your significant other and a different kind of commitment that comes with it.

Making your own home with someone you love is a great phase in the relationship as it allows you to grow closer and you learn more about each other. Maintaining the spark is important in not only romantic aspect of a relationship, but also the realistic aspect (small gestures like doing dishes) are just as important. Every couple has their own ways of doing things, just remember that what’s important is at the end of the day, you both are able to communicate what you want and hopefully that will lead to a successful relationship.

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Tune-spiration: Try a Little Tenderness by Otis Redding


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