Episode 33: Better to have loved and lost

When your love is not reciprocated, it feels like your heart has become hollow, you feel rejected and confused as to why this person doesn’t feel the same way. This my friend, is unrequited love in a nutshell.

On this episode, Elaine and I discuss what it’s like to not only be on the receiving end of unreturned feelings but also the side of not being able to return feelings towards another. Elaine shares her story of a close friend who confessed his feelings for her three times, and yet each time, she could not bring herself to return it back. In this instance, it was hard because not only was she rejecting a good friend, but she was also trying to navigate why she couldn’t bring herself to like him back as he did for her.

On the other end, not having your feelings be reciprocated can hurt especially when you truly feel that there is a connection. It leads to confusion and doubt as to why it did not work out and you start to wonder, “Is it something I did? Did I do something wrong?” And the answer is, no. This is where I think the Law of Fuck Yes and Fuck No steps in: if one person has doubts or is not a fuck yes for you, then they are a fuck no and vice versa. You want someone who will be a fuck yes for you and you want to be a fuck yes for someone. As hard as it is, sometimes we just have to accept that some people are not fuck yes’s. It hurts, but we must accept and move on.

Check out this article by Psychology Today that talks more in depth about unrequited love. In the meantime, be sure to tune in every Tuesday from 4-4:30 on 88.9 fm, stream online at http://www.kuci.org, or get the KUCI App!

Tune-spiration: Unrequited Love by Yuna


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