Episode 34: Remember that time on Valentine’s Day…

As you guessed from the title, my show landed on Valentine’s Day! I wanted to make this a special episode, so I decided to let people share their stories. I asked a bunch of friends to ask their friends who asked their friends…to send in their most memorable Valentine’s Day stories, or just share their thoughts and opinions on the day itself.

There’s a lot of excitement and cynicism when it comes to this “holiday” well because…it’s pretty much a day where a bunch of stores get together and sell the crap out of heart shaped things and a bunch of chocolate covered what have you’s. But it’s also a day where people can declare their love for someone, to show significant others (and their Instagram followers) just how much they mean to one another. Or, if you’re single and ready to mingle, it’s a day that some like to call, “Singles Awareness Day.” Whatever your situation is, just know others are in the same boat.

I also wanted to point out that being in a relationship or being single is neither good nor bad. As long as you’re content with yourself and where you’re at, then nothing else matters. Valentine’s Day is just another day to celebrate love just like any day. Yes, it makes you more aware of you situation, but it also can reveal to you just who in your life really love you. In my case, it’s my dog, and as far as I’m concerned, cutest Valentine ever.

I’m so happy to all the submissions I got and I was really excited to share these stories with you. There’s happy, funny, bittersweet, and just down right cute. Hope yall had a lovely Tuesday ❤

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Tune-spiration: Je t’aime by Dorsh


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