Episode 35: You’ve got a friend in me

On this week’s episode, we talk friendships. Previous shows have been more about relationships and dating, so I thought it would be a nice change of pace. We discuss what it means to make friends and how to have lasting friendships.

On a personal level, I’ve had friends come and go throughout my life. Some due to distance, others due to lack of effort to maintain the relationship. I used to think the term “BFF” really meant forever. I was truly heart broken when my first best friend (or so I thought was my best friend forever) began to drift away from me, as she and I began to make new friends in different groups until eventually we just stopped talking all together. What I’ve come to accept is this: friends will always be there for you, no matter how long they were present in your life, they are there for a reason. And with anything, all friendships comes with an effort.

Funny enough, I look at friendships just like how I look at relationships. It takes effort from both sides and you have to have understanding and open communication with one another. Never, ever, take your friends for granted because they are ultimately the people who will be there for you and who will always have your back.

Be sure to tune in every Tuesday from 4-4:30 for your dose of Where’s The Chase. If you missed it and want to catch previous episodes, check out the Soundcloud.

Tune-spiration: You’ve Got a Friend by Judith Hill (Cover)


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