Episode 37: First dates and first impressions, oh my

It’s exciting when you meet someone new and and those first few encounters whether it be through hanging out in a group of friends or hanging out on your own. So when it comes to the “first date” it becomes a big deal. Let’s talk about why.

I brought on my intern, Shunhan, who discusses his thoughts on what he thinks makes a solid first date. He shares his story about meeting his girlfriend and their first date. We discuss whether or not it is better to be casual or more serious on a first date, for example a coffee/tea date versus a movie and a dinner date. Both have pros and cons and it definitely depends on who the person is and what they like. Also importantly, how well you know each other already before going on the date. I’m a sucker for coffee/tea dates because firstly, I love me some caffeine and this potential partner better be into it as well (lol half kidding…). But it also is more laid back and allows you to make it a short conversation or a long conversation. Whereas a movie and a dinner, I see as perhaps a second or third date option as it allows for more deeper conversations to emerge as you have to sit down and have a meal with someone. Whatever floats your boat, really.

First impressions also matter, when it comes to meeting someone and deciding whether or not you’d like to pursue someone. There’s a lot to say here but I’ll put it in few words that describe my opinion on this matter: always be mindful of how you present yourself to people. If you want to show someone who you are, be yourself. No one likes someone who tries too hard or tries too little. Of course, a little effort helps, but in the end, they want to see you for you, so look good while still being you.

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