Episode 38: Single and Sufficient

For all my New Girl fans, this is the inspiration behind this episode’s title. Like the title states, being on your own doesn’t mean you necessarily need someone, it just means you’re okay with being on you’re own.

On this episode, I had my guest, Mia, come in and share with us her perspective on being single. As a graduate student going to school and working a full time job, she’s pretty much always busy. With that said, she knows what she wants and she’s fine with waiting until she meets someone that truly sparks her interest. While being with someone is great, we don’t want to settle for someone just because all of our friends are in relationships so we should be too or because we’re deemed lonely if we’re not dating someone. Some of us just simply don’t have the time to date especially when the people we are going on dates with, just aren’t compatible with us.

Don’t be afraid to spend time with yourself; it’s okay to learn about who you are and to figure out what you like and what you don’t like. When you are comfortable with yourself, you will be much more confident when you are dating people. Just like Mia inspired this episode, be self aware of who you are and be the baddest bitch you can be (I’m talking to all of you, dudes and ladies out there).

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Tune-spiration: Under My Skin by Heartstreets


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