Episode 39: Straight up mixed signals

On this episode, we talk about mixed signals and all the fun things that go into this party bag. I brought on returner Sean and first-timer Brandon to talk. Whether or not you’re dating around or in a relationship, we all struggle with trying to understand what the other person is trying to say or what they want out of the situation. So let’s talk about it and analyze the crap out of things!

First thing’s first, you gotta be the realest. The simple truth is, if you want to make things easy for yourself, just try to be clear from the get-go of what you want. It allows for the other person to not get confused and allows you to not have to worry about always having to explain yourself. If you’re using dating apps and meeting people, it already is defined on your profile or when you go on that first date, that what you want should be pretty clear. But of course, the issue then becomes: what happens when you catch feelings?

At this point, you have to be straight up with yourself and with the other person. There’s no point in wasting time if you can’t be honest about how you really feel. The hardest thing is to be honest, for fear of losing what you “have”, but wouldn’t it be much better if you’re able to just say how you’re feeling and be done with it? Save yourself the time and spare yourself the devastating heartbreak down the line, trust.

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Tune-spiration: Direction by Hugh (Royce Wood Junior Remix)


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