Episode 40: All breaks considered

It’s never easy when you’re going through a relationship slump. You have your good days and then you have your bad days. Sometimes things just get too tough and you just have to take a break. But does this really help the relationship or does it ultimately hurt it?

On this episode, I bring on Jiahleen and Bien to discuss on and off relationships, taking breaks, break-ups, and how to handle yourself in the aftermath. Relationships take work but when two people are constantly taking breaks, I have to start to wonder if it is really meant to be or if they are forcing something that is not there anymore. Many couples opt for taking breaks in order to regroup and refresh but it may just be delaying the break-up. From what I’ve observed in the past, I think the big thing is timing in all these situations. And if it is not good timing for the couple to be together, it may just be best to let it be.

If you decided to let it be and end the relationship, this part is never easy. We talk about what you experience after break ups and how to handle the situation when you or your ex decide to move on and date other people. It’s something that is bound to happen, but it definitely helps when you mentally prepare yourself. Just remember, it did not work out for a reason and never try to blame yourself. It’s an endless cycle if you do so; the best thing to do is put your best foot forward and accept the situation for what it is.

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Tune-spiration: So Long by Martha Ffion


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