Episode 45: Omg, did I really write that?

Remember your first crush? Remember how instead of going up to them and having a real conversation with them, you would instead go home and write 10 pages about why you like them and then question every thing you’ve ever done in your life?

Ok, I’m being dramatic but that is how I felt as a youngling and I just never had the courage to say anything in person; so the next best thing was my diary. Inspired by The Mortified Podcast, where people read their adolescent diary entries in front of a group of strangers, I brought on Priscilla to talk about our childhood woes and of our long lost crushes that we discussed in great depth with none other than our journals.

But why do you think we resort to these pages versus having real life interactions? After having this discussion with Priscilla, I’ve narrowed it down to this: it’s a form of therapy. When we’re pent up with all of these feelings, not only are we trying to navigate our angst and our pre-teen ways, but we’re also just trying to understand ourselves without sounding crazy by telling someone who has ears. We also tackle how we used to approach crushes and compare to how we approach them now. We pretty much discovered it’s all the same but with just a little more social media.

Whether or not you still write in your journals (I sometimes still do), there’s no shame in spilling your heart out. Sometimes you just gotta let the words flow and when you look back, maybe you’ll cringe, maybe you’ll laugh, or maybe you’ll realize we all have something to say.

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Tune-spiration: Shame by Desta French


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