Episode 46: I want a love like that

As a kid, I watched movies religiously. At one point, when my grandma was visiting for a summer, she questioned my daily routine of going home from summer school, grabbing a baguette and eating it while watching yet another Disney movie.

On this episode, I brought on Sadra to talk celebrity crushes, influential movies, and ultimately what we are looking for in a partner. Watching movies is like watching another kind of reality, a reality that we know is not real, but wish it could be. In the best way possible, it’s the ideal version we would hope our lives could be like. But sadly, it cannot be. I know that sounds negative, but it’s only just to show that our expectations shouldn’t be so high. Sadra brought up how he could relate to characters in movies, such as Peter Parker in Spiderman and his love interest, Mary Jane.

Now how do we translate from on-screen to off-screen? Sadra mentions that he looks for potential in someone by looking for complimentary traits to his traits that he likes the most. It’s more about how their on-screen relationship compliments one another that he seeks for in his own personal relationships. Like a team or a partnership, you want to look for someone who has a good dynamic with you and compliments your personality. I want to liken it to two puzzle pieces fitting together. Two people that can hold their own but when they come together, it harmonizes in a way that makes you both stronger.

To stay up to date with the latest episode, be sure to tune in every Tuesday from 4-4:30p on 88.9 fm, stream online at http://www.kuci.org, or download the KUCI app. You can also check out the Soundcloud to hear previous episodes.

Tune-spiration: Love Like That by Mayer Hawthorne


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