Episode 47: It’s not you, it’s me

It’s late at night and you’ve entered the Facebook creeping hour. You begin on one person which leads to the next and then suddenly you’re on your ex’s profile. But you’ve just realized you can’t see any of their posts…because they unfriended you. WHAT THE FUCK??

There could be many reasons for this. In situation A, it’s being on the receiving end and it’s a punch to the gut when you’ve realized your ex has unfriended you. In situation B, it’s  step out of necessity to let go of someone and move on. In situation C, it’s due to the start of a new relationship. I brought in Jeremy to discuss his thoughts and he shared with us his own personal story of his reasons for un-friending someone on Facebook. In his case, he was situation C, where he needed to let go of a friend in order to have complete trust in the start of his budding relationship with his currently girlfriend of 5 years.

I think in today’s day and age, it’s inevitable that relationships will come to an end, whether it is romantic or platonic. This act of un-friending should ultimately not be taken too seriously because it’s not like two people can never be friends again. What I’ve come to realize is anything online can be made to be more dramatic than it really is. So if you’ve unfriended someone or someone unfriended you, it’s okay. Just remember, there was a reason why things didn’t work out and maybe in the future, something can be rekindled. But for now, just let it be.

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Tune-spiration: Deliverance by Rationale


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