Episode 49: My kind of person

After spending time in the dating scene, you start to see a pattern in the type of people you date. Perhaps, you’re drawn to a certain type of person. Let’s talk about it.

Pam explained to me what kind of person she normally is drawn to and noticed similarities between the people she has dated in the past. Whether the person is her type or not, she’s noticed that the main thing she looks for is someone who understands her love of music. Whether or not they are your “type” you should always make sure both of your interests align because a relationship is not only based on communication but also being able to do things together.

It’s okay to have a level of expectation; we all need to have some standard. Always make sure your needs are being met by the person you decide to date and that you can do things together that enhance the relationship.

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Tune-spiration: Treat Me Like Fire by Lion Babe


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